is a website about student loan financing

About’s entire mission is to help college students get the financial aid they need to attend university. The site covers a variety of topics in regard to getting approved for a student loan, including how your credit score will play a role, how your parents' may be able to cosign, and the amounts you should be able to receive. The site also explicitly reveals what kind of student loans a particular college student may be eligible to receive based on their current financial situation.

The site also goes into detail about getting other forms of financial aid, including scholarships, grants, and state aid. In addition, there are articles about how to pay back your student loans, how to fill out your FAFSA, and whether or not you should get a student loan without a cosigner. plans on becoming a comprehensive resource about all things related to financial aid in the near-future.

Private vs. Federal Student Loans

One of the main issues that focuses on is the question students have about whether to get only federal student loans, or if they should also consider taking out additional private student loan financing. The truth is that while this issue is fairly complicated, the bottom-line is that it comes down to your needs in terms of financial aid as a student, and your financial and credit situation.

If you don't need that much money by way of student loans then you should always stick to federal student loans, as they are better loans overall. If you need more money to attend college then you should then look into acquiring private student loans, as they carry higher interest rates, and less preferable terms when compared to federal loans.

Federal loans are not based upon credit, and if you are looking for a student loan without a cosigner then these are the loans you should be looking to get. Private student loans are based upon credit, and you therefore need to have good credit, or have a credit-worthy cosigner to get an approval. In the end it is always best to exhaust whatever federal funding you can receive before even thinking about applying for a private student loan.

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