Strictly hey-wake sells, buys, refinishes and collects heywood wakefield furniture


I buy Heywood-Wakefield as well as sell it, so for those of you who have something to sell, follow this link -

Strictly hey-wake began as a one man venture. This site was published December 31, 1998 to help clear out some of the overflow that'd been accumulating as well as for the purpose of locating other pieces.

The refinishing came about because I couldn't find others to do it. Since I worked as a Maryland home improvement contractor (Parody Home Improvement - MHIC license #41002) by trade for several years, I had my own shop and some experience refinishing wood, so the restoration aspect of this undertaking was somewhat enticing and very necessary.

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Strictly hey-wake
Hagerstown MD
United States 21742
(301) 733-0691

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