Centrum strategických studií


The objectives of the Centre concern research, analysis, and dissemination of information, and expert discussions concerning the fields of security and conflict prevention and resolution, with regard to the Czech Republic and its position in Europe and in the world. The Centre contributes to the development of the field of international relations and other related humanities. It co-operates with similar foreign institutions.

The Centre develops and carries out research projects, organises conferences and seminars, creates various forms of educational activities, and issues both periodical and special edition publications (for book publications see section Knihy).

For periodical publications see sections Analýzy & Studie (sample analyses in English can be found here) and Rexter focusing predominantly on the past, present and future of radicalism, extremism and terrorism in the Czech Republic, while taking into account also important regional and global events and trends; it conducts a research into the relationship between different forms of democracy and their critics or enemies; into the causes of political violence and terrorism and their links to other security threats; into strategies and methods used by radicals, extremists and terrorist to achieve their political aims; as well as into the strategies and methods used by various types of political regimes against their political opponents etc.

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