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Sports Instruments was founded with the vision of creating the finest sport specific, performance enhancing monitors in the world.Every Sports Instruments monitor combines superior technology, simple operation, and sophisticated design to provide the most accurate, most relevant information. This means quick and easy access to every function. No unnecessary or confusing features. No mysterious or unreadable displays.

The devices featured on these pages are the product of our vision for the year 2002. They have been conceived and engineered to enhance your exercise, training, or racing experience for many years to come.

At Sports Instruments, we understand the needs of athletes and what demands they have from the products they use. Not by way of focus groups or demographic studies, but by our own personal research. Sure, we’re sports physiologists. And we’re engineers. But, the fact is, everyone on our staff is also an athlete. We’re made up of competitive cyclists, distance runners, veteran triathletes and skiing enthusiasts. Our feedback comes from time spent on the roads and trails, improving our own performance.

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Easton-Bell Sports, Inc.
Santa Cruz CA
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