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SPOOFTEL.COM - The World's Leader in Caller ID Spoofing.


SpoofTel offers inexpensive caller ID spoofing and SMS (text message) spoofing. Other services offered include voice changing and call recording.

You can try the service for free by visiting the SpoofTel website at http://www.spooftel.com

What is Caller ID Spoofing?

SpoofTel offers you the ability to change your Caller ID(CID) information. This CID is the phone number you see when you receive an incoming call to your cellular or land line telephone. The act of changing this information is known as "spoofing."

In easier to understand terms, caller ID spoofing is the act of changing what someone sees on their call display unit when you make a call to them. Instead of blocking or revealing your real number, you choose any number you like to display.

Who uses Caller ID Spoofing?

A very wide range of people use, or would benefit from using, caller ID Spoofing and related number faking and other services (SMS spoofing, email spoofing, record a call, conference calling, and voice changing). It is likely that the first thing which comes to mind for most people is that spoofing is used for pranking phone calls. Caller ID spoofing could be, and probably is, used by people to prank their friends or relatives. This is probably the case because most spoofing providers also offer options to change your voice and record your call, making it all that more amusing to use for entertainment purposes.

Police and other law enforcement would use caller ID spoofing to track down criminals or suspects by pretending to call them from a family member or friend’s phone number.

Spouses would use spoofing to catch their partners in lies, cheating, or other awkward situation.

Individuals may use caller ID spoofing to pretend they are in one location when they’re really in another. For instance, you may tell people that you are going out of town for a while so, when you have to call them, you are able to fake an out of town phone number.

Celebrities might benefit from caller ID spoofing because it helps to conceal their phone number when they place calls. Even when calling trusted friends and family members, there is always the chance that the person's phone could be lost with the celebrity's phone number on it.

Professionals who call their clients could use caller ID spoofing to protect their home and cell phone numbers from being revealed. Instead of displaying the number they are calling from, they could pretend to be calling from the office.

Caller ID Spoofing at SpoofTel:

SpoofTel offers very inexpensive pricing (up to 50% less than some competitors) for each of its services. In addition to caller ID spoofing, SpoofTel offers options such as SMS spoofing, voice changing, call recording, and call scheduling.

SpoofTel does not charge monthly fees or other maintenance fees like some caller ID spoofing providers. You pay for nothing other than placing calls and options which you choose to use (voice changing, call recording etc.).

Visit http://www.spooftel.com to try caller ID spoofing.



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