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419 spammer

Here's what I think happened - I received a legitamate looking email that apparantly I subscribed to - They provided an unsubscribe page - I gave my email address, and two other addresses that were to check if the unsubscribe list was being resold. - Those addresses (used for no other purpose whatsoever) are now recieving spam from various isps around the world.

Types of spam recieved: variations on 419 scams and identity theft fraud. Job offers, people with cancer,illnesses, deaths in the family,internet lottery, free cars,etc. about SinglesNet 02:58, 23 June 2007 (PDT)

Advice to stop various spammers like this

Use to report your spam. also read up on how to expose full headers on your email to determine where the spam originates from. spam at is also good for reporting spam from amercian busnesses, or targeting amercian consumers. has a fair amount of information that may be able to help you stop spammers.

Scan your computer for viruses. You may be host to a trojan or virus that makes you an unwitting accomplice to a spammer. Track where the list was created.

set up a subdomain such as "", with a catchall address and give out unique email addresses at that subdomain that identify the domain/identity you are giving the email address to, and also what other information you have given them, such as your name.


Turn of your catchall address for your domain. A trick of many spammers is to use faked return addresses to stop the burden of returned emails from overcoming their email servers (or more likely, their comprimised botnet servers )

If the mail relay servers know that the return addresses are forged, clued in admins will be able to react very quickly to blacklist ip addresses that are sending spam through their networks. (however, many poorly configured relays are discovered every day by virus infected computers.

Report domains to:, your isp. (your isp *may* be able to help you reduce the amount of spam you receive by implementing filters on their severs.)

More research:,

Last resort: is a risky program if used incorrectly I recommend not using anything except the spam vampire defences. as you may expose yourself and your isp to unwanted interest if you actually use what are essentially spammer tactics against spammers.

Save Your Money

Given the competition in this market, this site has a short future ahead of it. Some major complaints:
  • Searching. The site offers no ability to select or alter search criteria. When conducting a search, it

presents members chosen based on the inquirer's age and location --- apparently, anyone of the opposite sex

within 300 miles of your location and 15 years of your age. But that is a guess ---the site doesn't tell you

what these default criteria are. Want to narrow the age range, shorten the distance, or select by education

level or body type? Forget it.

  • The site bombards you with email. Not spam, but misleading notices of messages. You will get dozens of emails

with the subject line, "Singlesnet Message Notification from member "So-and-so." You open the email, and it

tells you there is a message waiting for you at the site from So-and-so. So you visit the vist, and, lo, there

is no message from So-and-so. Instead, there is a message from Singlesnet

  • posted by Anonymous on Nov 9, 2006, 6:49 am

This is a site used by a CraigsList spammer to redirect affiliate traffic generated by those fraudulent CraigsList postings.

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