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About is dedicated to worship of Lord Shiva - the God as lovefully addressed by Hindu Shaivities. (The word shaivam refer to "associated with shiva". Also known as Shaivism).

With the motto "Name of Hara Encompass ! World be Free from Suffering !!" taken from the glorious statement of sambandhar "aran nAmamE cUzka vaiyakamum thuyar thIrkavE", site is intended to be a tool in the hands of those who would like understand the way to Bliss and practice the way to Bliss.

To this effect, it has sections "To Know" for those who would like to understand the concept of shaivam, "To Practice" for those who want to implement in their regular life that understanding, "To Pursue" for those who want to involve deeply in shaivam. Apart from these specific focus, common Resources are also available.

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