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The famous poster used to promote the first concert was reworked to feature two birds perched on a guitar (instead of one). The concert was scheduled for August 13, 1994 and August 14, but a third day (August 12) was added as well. The concert was also dubbed "Mudstock" due to a downpour on August 13; Punk band Green Day saw its set degenerate into an enormous mud fight between the band and fans. Eventually, the band's bassist, Mike Dirnt, was mistaken for a stage-crashing fan by a bouncer, and in the ensuing fight he was tackled on stage and ended up losing several of his front teeth. The mud fight was said to be so bad, that the band had to be carried out by a helicopter. When Primus performed their hit song "My Name Is Mud" they were pelted in mud (bassist/singer Les Claypool commented before performing the aforementioned song that throwing things on stage was a sign of "small and insignificant genitalia"). In contrast, Nine Inch Nails took the stage already covered completely in mud. The event took place on a large field in Saugerties, New York, about 100 miles north of New York City. The site is only 10 miles from Woodstock, New York and it was originally proposed as an ideal location for the 1969 concert. But permission to use the property was not granted the first time around, so the first concert was instead held in Sullivan County, much further from the namesake town of Woodstock film porno video porno free porno video video gratiute porno video hardcore gratuits videos porno sexe gratuit porno gratuit video porno video amateur gratuite video porno gratuite com video porno site sexe gratuit video porno telecharger gratuit video sexe video porno gratuite adultes Pornographic magazines, sometimes known as adult magazines, sex magazines, or pornoblads are magazines that contain content of a sexual nature, typically regarded as pornography. 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These magazines featured nude or semi-nude women, sometimes apparently engaging in the act of masturbation, although their genitals or pubic hair were not actually displayed. While Playboy remained "softcore", new publications such as Penthouse, began to evolve into more explicit displays (hardcore), eventually, by the 1990s, featuring sexual penetration, lesbianism and homosexuality, group sex, and fetishes. [edit] See also Fetish magazine List of pornographic magazines List of gay pornographic magazines Glamor photography Pubic Wars Retrieved from "" virginie ledoyen video porno 100 video porno gallery video porno free gratuit jeu video porno porno video gratuit st telechargement video porno telechargement video porno gratuites telecharger gratuitement video porno usa porno video video gratuit porno video gratuite porno free video porno gratuite telecharger gratuite amateur porno video photo sex video porno fellation salopes video porno gratui video porno telecharger video sample porno jeux porno pc jeux video jeux erotique gratuit photo sex video porno porno 100 gratuit mini video porno hard gratuit video teens porno video telecharger video porno gratuite video lycee guadeloupe porno video porno gratruit video porno gratuits video porno org video porno sex africaine porno video telecharger payant extait video porno Following the demise of the extremely successful Jane's Addiction project, frontman Perry Farrell and drummer Stephen Perkins formed Porno for Pyros after acquiring guitarist Peter DiStefano and bass player Martyn LeNoble. Prior to releasing their eponymous first album, Porno for Pyros - Legend has it that it was either named after an ad they saw in a porn magazine, or from Perry watching the 1992 Los Angeles riots on TV - embarked on a nation-wide tour to support their new band. By the time their debut album was released in 1993, the anticipation surrounding the project was enough to briefly drive the album to the #1 position on the Billboard top 20 list. Reaction to the album was mixed, with some fans ecstatic, and others disappointed. The video for the album's first single Pets received heavy airplay on MTV. Following the album's release, Porno for Pyros continued a heavy touring schedule, including an appearance at Woodstock 94. Unlike the relatively straight-ahead rock shows that were the hallmark of live Jane's Addiction, Porno for Pyros live shows relied heavily on props, extras, and special effects (including, but not limited to pyrotechnics). For their follow up album, Good God's Urge, bass player LeNoble left the band after completing the lion's share of the bass tracks. Ex-Minutemen bassist Mike Watt was brought in to finish up the album tracks, and join the band on tour. The album also featured the post-Jane's reunion of Farell with guitarist Dave Navarro, who made a guest appearance on Freeway. The band again set forth on a heavy touring schedule. It's interesting to note that on several tour stops, Porno for Pyros played Mountain Song, a popular Jane's tune. Other than being a sure crowd-pleaser, in retrospect it seems like a foreshadowing of the later Jane's Addiction reunion efforts. Further touring by the band was scuttled when DiStefano was diagnosed with cancer. Perkins and Watt subsequently formed the jazz-punk improvisation group Banyan and, along with DiStefano, occasionally perform sets of Stooges cover versions in the Los Angeles area under the band name Hellride. 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