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Work Divisions for proceeding with article writing

  • Division of Work for Saliha in Letters Series to Work On:L, K, Q, T,
  • Division of Work for Ayesha in Letters Series to Work On:D, G, J, O, R, U
  • Division of Work for Sanwal in LettersSeries to Work On:A, M, V, X
  • Division of Work for Asma in LetterSeries to Work On:B, E, H, N and C, F, I
  • Division of Work for Rohail in LetterSeries to Work On:P, M, W




Complete a minimum of 15 articles a day for the SeattleTech project. This will provide 150 articles during the iteration. With us moving to two-person teams per portal, it's unclear if this goal is high or low, but we'll adjust accordingly.


To continue filling out the SeattleTech resource.

Done When

150 articles are complete. (Number could change once we know how the teams work out.)

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