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Started back in 1996, serves the Internet community as the largest and most well-known programming directories anywhere. Now owned by Jupitermedia Corporation (formerly Mecklermedia Corporation), the ScriptSearch site has undergone a complete redesign and relaunch in early 2001 in order to better tune the site for you, the visitor.

ScriptSearch's comprehensive programming directory is more intuitively organized by programming language with subfolders with various script categories. Rating features allow you to find the most popular and most useful resources according to the rest of our visitors. Its even a breeze to bookmark your favorite listings on your own "My Favorites" page, that you can easily return to. And there lots more inside.

We thank you for helping make ScriptSearch your programming directory. If you have any suggestions on the site or have a resource you'd like to see included, please don't hesitate to submit it to us or drop us a note. It's that easy.





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