The Official Home Page for Saugus, Massachusetts

Title The Official Home Page for Saugus, Massachusetts

Description is a curious mixture of things. On the one hand, it has been the official home page for Saugus, Massachusetts since mid-1998, and provides a common ground for local government, non-profit organizations, business, and general citizenry. In this capacity it provides electronic copies of the Saugus by-laws, a calendar of events, links to other relevant Web sites, forums, photographs, post cards, and (limited) local news.

It also maintains a moderate computer-related knowledgebase consisting of terms, file extensions, free software, and computer help. This information is searchable and has been widely quoted and copied.

It also hosts an annual Halloween ghost story writing contest for elementary school, middle school, high school, and adult authors in either conventional or interactive fiction. All the winning stories from all past years are freely readable online, and the contest draws entrants (many of them already published elsewhere) from all over the world.

It exists as an independent not-for-profit organization, and it supports itself through minimal advertising and paid services for local businesses. It prides itself on its technical competency, and it has a long history of both adopting novel Web technologies before they become mainstream (Zope, RDF metadata, RSS and iCalendar syndication, etc.) and supporting various free software and open format efforts.




Golden Hills Rd.
Saugus MA 01906 US


Eric W. Brown
+1 781 231 2621, Fax: +1 781 231 4719

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