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Community of independent Internet radio stations with tools for individuals to legally broadcast their music online.

Company Profile

SWCast Network, Inc., headquartered in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, is a solutions-based provider of blanket music licensing and enhancement services for hundreds of radio stations online. Founded in 2003 by president and CEO Randall Krause, the company's portfolio of products and services currently includes Joint Performance Licensing Program, Global Station Tuner, MyTuner, Bitwax, ViaTuner, and ClubRadio Network.

SWCast Network is a wholly owned subsidiary of Intraversal Communications Corporation.


  • "The future of Webcasting"
  • "Where the music matters, and its integrity is valued"
  • "Tune-in, listen, dance"

Mission Statement

SWCast Network's mission is "to promote the integrity of music through simple and cost-effective licensing schemes that enable ordinary users with the capability and the flexibility to legally prepare and deploy unique Webcast programming worldwide without imposing proprietary systems or methods upon broadcasters and without introducing subscriptions or advertisements upon listeners." [1]

Special Features

SWCast Network provides a cost-effective means for individuals and organizations to legally create their own music radio stations on the Internet. By lowering the barrier of entry while ensuring compliance with U.S. copyright law, Webcasters can produce an array of music programming tailored to their unique interests. All music license agreements, payments, and reporting are administered on behalf of member broadcasters through SWCast Network's Joint Performance Licensing Program.

Currently, SWCast Network hosts over 100 independent Internet radio stations ranging from popular genres like top-40 and Christian rock to the more esoteric anime and industrial. Broadcasters will often feature the occasional on-the-air personalities and live DJ hosts, while the majority of programming is completely automated.

Nullsoft's SHOUTcast server is SWCast Network's streaming platform of choice due to its support for widely-accessible audio formats including aacPlus, mp3Pro, and MPEG Layer 3. Additionally, SHOUTcast produces realtime XML statistics necessary for tracking and reporting of listeners and playlists.

SWCast Network is an ASCAP and BMI licensed site. All performances of sound recordings are pursuant to the respective provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.




108 W Green St
Suite 110
Champaign IL 61820 US


SWCast Network, Inc.
+1 866 388 1330

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