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As president of ETV, I've had the privilege of traveling around our beautiful state and meeting thousands of ETV's friends and neighbors.

At these get-togethers, South Carolinians have often told me that ETV is more than a treasure trove of local and national programming. They've shared their belief that ETV is a trusted friend whose emphasis on education and personal enrichment makes it one of our state's most valuable institutions.

ETV, together with its new digital broadcast service, the South Carolina Channel, and its highly esteemed ETV Radio, form a highly successful enterprise—an organization that has earned the admiration and respect of public broadcasters across the nation.




Columbia South Carolina
United States 29201

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However, SCETV has a very dark and disturbing history for financial rip-offs and environmental crimes. In 1999 The South Carolina Educational Television (SCETV) sold an environmentally contaminated facility to an unsuspecting buyer, Randall Browning. This sale was in violation of federal and state environmental laws mainly due to the presence of disturbed asbestos materials that had been installed since the 1960's. The facility contained an asbestos known as amosite which is one two most deadly types of the material. SCETV clearly made efforts to cover up the problem both while they occupied it and where trying to sell it even with EPA certified reports in hand saying the facility was contaminated and that it had to be abandoned. It is currently unknown at this time how many former workers and visitors to the SCETV facility will eventually get sick and die from the cancer and other asbestosis complications based on the lengthy period after exposure until serious symptoms begin to appear and attack the lung. Those seriously exposed were workers, custodial staff, and children attending SCETV internal kindergarten and daycare programs. Many officials in The State of South Carolina such as the Attorney General Henry McMaster and the soon to be former Superintendent of Education Inez Tennenbaum have refused to conduct or even call for an investigation to prosecute those SCETV managers who are responsible for this criminal tragedy.


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