Rknethelp.com is listed as billing company on credit card statements.

Excerpted from Rknethelp.com:
"We are dedicated to providing you with a highly enjoyable membership and excellent service. Our top priority is to provide you with courteous, helpful service with any and all membership related questions."

On Rknethelp.com you can cancel your membership or get answers to billing questions.

Charges that show up as from "epoch.com", "Rknet", "Pay-ActWeb.com" or "Jetchrg.com" are sometimes from adult websites, and this is a way of being discreet.



Rknethelp.com is suspected of possibly being a scam or site engaged in fraudulent activity. Although this has not been verified, below are some community projects watching fraud that may have further information about Rknethelp.com.

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