On any AboutUs article, you can see the revision history (also known as edit history or page history) by clicking on the "History" option on the page. The Revision History shows what's been changed in an article, when, and by who.

The revision history consists of:

1. Numbered revisions in reverse chronological order (newest changes first)

2. A record of date and time of every edit. Clicking on the date/time show the full page as it was after that revision, as well as providing a link to a previous version of articles.

3. Who made the edits (with links to their PersonalPage, TalkPage and all their Contributions)

4. A summary of the edit (if one is provided)

In addition to these, the revision history for an article:

5. Allows you to select two versions of a page and see the changes between them by clicking on the radio buttons for two changes and then clicking the "Compare selected versions" button. This gives you a diff page that shows the differences between the pages.

6. You can also use the cur and last options to view the differences between that edit and the current version (curr) or that edit and the last/previous version (last).


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