If you notice an un-constructive edit it's pretty simple to undo that edit and revert the page back to its previous content. That's a fundamental of wiki.

To revert:

  1. Click "history" - it should be the tab just to the right of the "page" tab above the search bar
  2. Find the good version that you want to revert to (perhaps the last edit by you, etc.)
  3. Click the timestamp associated with that version to go to it
  4. Click the "revert page to this version" link
  5. Click the "revert" button in the pop-up

With these tools, we can correct any un-constructive edits that we or someone else makes.


  1. Is the edit constructive?
  2. Is the edit good for the reader?
  3. The test is not whether you agree with or like the edit.
  4. Do not needlessly revert edits of a user that has reverted your edits. Such retaliatory actions can quickly escalate into EditWars.



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