is training mentally and physically challenged individuals.

Type Public (NASDAQ: RSCR)
Founded 1974
Headquarters Louisville, Kentucky, United States
Key People Jim Fornear, founder

Ralph G. Gronefeld, President and Chief Executive Officer
Ron Geary, Chairman of the Board and former CEO

Industry Human Services
Sales $1.3 Billion (FY 2006)
Employees Over 42,000
Tagline Assisting People to Reach their Highest Level of Independence

Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, ResCare is the largest private provider of in-home, training, vocational and educational services for persons with unique needs in the United States, Canada and some regions abroad.

These needs include, but are not limited to:
• services and supports to people with developmental disabilities
• residential, educational and job training for troubled youths
• employment services for welfare recipients, people who have been laid off or have unique employment barriers
• supported living for seniors or persons with disabilities


Forbes Magazine has honored ResCare four times as one of 200 Best Small Companies in America.

ResCare is a human service company offering services to
• people with developmental or other disabilities;
• seniors who need help to stay in their own homes;
• young people through schools, job training and foster care;
• people experiencing barriers to employment.

ResCare stands for Respect and Care. The company aims to have every program participant become or remain an active, contributing member of their community.

In 2007, the company employed more than 42,000 staff and support professionals. ResCare is a family of services and not one single entity. ResCare provides services that can be placed in to one of two categories: Community Services or Education & Training Services.

Community Services
ResCare’s community services are individualized supports for people that lack the capacity to live 100% independently or need assistance with certain responsibilities.

Below you can find a listing and brief explanation of specific services ResCare offers:

ResCare HomeCare – provides personalized services to seniors and individuals who are recovering from illness, injury or surgery, living with a chronic disability or dealing with the natural process of aging. Nurses, clinicians and caregivers provide nursing, personal care and support, homemaking, respite and many other services in homes, hospitals, long-term care and assisted living facilities and other places of residence.

Supported living – services to those with developmental or intellectual disabilities who live in a home or an apartment.

Group homes – 24-hour on-site attention for those with developmental disabilities with additional educational and social opportunities.

Vocational – helping people with developmental disabilities enter the workforce and maintain successful employment. For those experiencing difficulties obtaining public employment, ResCare offers centralized contract work and pre-vocational/day activity programs.

Youth Services – serving young people with emotional and behavioral issues or other special needs, as well as juveniles in the justice system. Programs for youth include substance abuse counceling, educational/vocational training, violent offender counseling, mental health services, life skills training, case management and advocacy assistance.

Foster and host homes - aims to provide a warm, stable family environment by trained, caring individuals." to "Foster and host homes - provide a warm, stable family environment by trained, caring individuals.

ResCare Premier – helping adults with acquired brain injuries complete the transition to active, community-oriented lifestyles.

Residential treatment programs – both secure and non-secure options help pre-adjudicated and adjudicated youth break the juvenile offender cycle and return to their homes as productive citizens.

In-home – empowering persons with aging issues, developmental or physical disabilities or a terminal illness to live in or return to their own home through personal care, attendant care, housekeeping and transportation services.

Employment and Training Services
ResCare partners with several public and private entities to provide training and educational programs to people with employment barriers. Below you can find a listing and brief overview of some of these services:

Job Corps – through contracts with the US Department of Labor, ResCare manages training facilities designed to provide educational and vocational training to unemployed and undereducated youth ages 16-24 experiencing life obstacles like poverty, a dysfunctional family or gaps in school attendance.

Alternative-site schools – academic choices for youth who need individualized learning environments, offering both private and charter schools.

Arbor Education & Training - services to people who receive welfare assistance with an emphasis on achieving financial security by gaining meaningful employment and excelling beyond entry-level positions.

Dislocated workers and disadvantaged adults also utilize Arbor’s one-stop employment service to overcome multiple barriers to employment. Arbor collaborates with employers to hire these participants and give them on-the-job training.

ResCare International – develops international regions by providing opportunities for those in need to gain employment and become self-sufficient.

Rest Assured - incorporates traditional Web cam technology with interactive Web-based devices such as sensors, microphones, speakers, personal emergency response pendants and temperature detectors. This technology allows one staff person to monitor multiple individuals at a number of different sites.

Pharmacy Alternatives – aims to provide safe, accurate prescription services to the people supported through ResCare’s Community Services" to "Pharmacy Alternatives – provides safe, accurate prescription services to the people supported through ResCare’s Community Services

Jim Fornear wanted to start a better kind of business, one focused on people. In 1974, he founded ResCare. Fornear’s vision quickly grew into a working philosophy built on entrepreneurial drive and a clear mission to give people the chance to reach their fullest potential. In 1976, ResCare won its first government contract to run a Job Corps Center in Shelby County, Kentucky.

In 1978, ResCare opened its first operation for persons with developmental disabilities. Established on the former grounds of the St. Vincent Academy near Morganfield, Kentucky, the Higgins Learning Center marked an important step forward on ResCare's path to becoming a diversified human services provider.

ResCare moved into the 1980s with growing expansion of its Job Corps contracts and began to operate small community-based group homes for persons with developmental disabilities. By 1989, ResCare had grown to serve persons in the states of Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, Florida and New York.

In 1989, ResCare recruited Ron Geary to serve as president and CEO and who would become a catalyst for the company's success. Geary focused on significantly expanding services to people with disabilities and at-risk youth. Under his management, ResCare began to take the shape of one of the largest human services company with sound business management.

In December 1992, ResCare issued an initial public offering of stock, trading on the NASDAQ stock exchange as RSCR.

By 2007, ResCare had become the largest human and health services company in the United States, with more than 42,000 employees and a presence in the majority of states and some foreign countries. ResCare’s vision for the future is to continue to grow and continue to deliver services with Respect and Care.

Key Acquisitions/Mergers

2008 – Kids In Focus
2007 – BisCom (England)
2007 – Maatwerk (Netherlands)
2007 - Kelly Home Care Services
2005 – AmeriPsych
1999 - PeopleServe, Inc.
1998 - Tangram Rehabilitation Network, Inc.
1998 - Normal Life, Inc.
1997 - Other Options
1997 - Communications Network Consultants
1997 - Teledyne Economic Development


ResCare provides services in these states indicated in gold, as well as in Canada, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The ResCare corporate headquarters and resource center is indicated by the star:


Company leadership

Ralph G. Gronefeld, President and Chief Executive Officer
David W. Miles, Chief Financial Officer
Pat Kelley, President, Community Services Group
Vincent Doran, President--Employment and Training Services Group
Paul G. Dunn, President--Arbor E&T, and Executive Vice President--Western Division of Workforce Services
David S. Waskey, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer
Nina P. Seigle, Chief People Officer
Nel Taylor, Chief Communication Officer
George Watts, Chief Information Officer
Michael J. Reibel, Senior Vice President for Support Services
Richard Tinsley, Chief Development Officer
Kelley Abell, Contract Lobbyist, Capitol Solutions
Steve Brunet, Central Regional Vice President
Allen Marchetti, Southern Regional Vice President
David Rhodes, Pacific West Regional Vice President
Jane Steur, Southwest Regional Vice President
Barbara Winters, Northern Regional Vice President

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Rest Assured The Rest Assured patented web-based telecare system uses the latest wireless technology and a state-of-the-art network response center to offer customers and clients secure, unobtrusive round-the-clock monitoring.

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