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Company History was founded in 2006. Initial projects were targeted for the company’s Managing Director Steven Wyer; then, as processes and tools were further developed to rehabilitate online content, other businesses were referred to From its inception the company was built on the foundation of fair representation within online search results for businesses, professionals, families and institutions. As clients recognized that algorithms utilized to value content online were complex and not easily understood, stepped in to offer education and delivered services to assist in the correction and suppression of search results as well as promotion of its growing international client base.

Services Offered provides a comprehensive suite of services designed to correct, protect and defend its clients. The firm works to correct inaccurate, inappropriate and embarrassing search results. protects its clients by building pro-active strategies used not only to establish a clear and transparent identity but also to control the information delivered when search queries are done. Finally, provides defense by utilizing proprietary tools designed to dig deep into the content found online and expose all of the potentially damaging information that could appear without warning and attack a client’s otherwise respectable reputation.

Online Reputation Development
Working with clients to develop a methodical, well-planned online presence results in solid content that is presented well over time. By defining social, profile, blog, forum, press and rating sites that may or may not serve a client’s goals, delivers content that represents its clients in an honest, transparent and controlled manner.
Online Reputation Repair
Often by the time a client contacts negative content has already found its way onto the Internet. Online reputation review and repair strategies require both time and planning. By collaborating with businesses and professionals that are attempting to correct, influence and avoid information being found during online searches, is able to alleviate most, if not all, of the issues clients face. This effort is a process not a single event. It happens over a period of time to insure that postings found are natural and not low-grade spam. Selecting an online reputation management company should be an intentional decision and not an impulse “buy”. There really is a difference between companies. Experience the difference.
Online Reputation Management
Many clients have already worked to establish positive content online, however the ever-changing search variables utilized in delivering query results requires that sites and content be consistently maintained. Ongoing review of pagerank, potentially negative comments or postings and new opportunities are services that many clients request. ’s online reputation management delivers both protection and new opportunities to clients.
Online Reputation Monitoring
At the core of all ongoing online reputation management is the vigilant monitoring of search results. clients benefit not only from the daily monitoring of their most common brands and names but expanded monitoring for family members, employees, trademark and copyright properties and corporations. Business clients may also request that competitor brands be tracked for new content, postings, releases and other information helpful in competitive areas of business. The proprietary tool ReputationGPS provides forensic level search results that cannot be delivered by off the shelf solutions that only query based on limited parameters. Ongoing online monitoring provides the level of comfort that clients require.

Advanced search tools offers the only customized search engine focused on ferreting out negative content from hundreds of slander sites, government sites, complaint and rating sites and court documents. Accessing common searches for most names can deliver hundreds and even thousands of “related results.” For most clients that is not the information they want to quickly access. has developed a cutting edge tool, ReputationGPS, to quickly and efficiently scan the most damaging sites known to destroy an online reputation. Accurate, fast and efficient; ReputationGPS builds upon the other core components needed to deliver comprehensive online reputation management positioning.

About Steven Wyer

The Managing Director of is Steven Wyer. Unlike many other executives overseeing companies within the online reputation management industry, Mr. Wyer came first as a client and then as a business professional. Embarrassing online content hurt his career and his family. As Wyer’s team of search engine industry veterans developed sophisticated approaches to influence content found online, word spread and grew.

Mr. Wyer is the author of the critically acclaimed book Violated Online as well as hundreds of articles, blogs and research papers focused on the areas of online reputation management (ORM), Search engine management (SEM) and content publishing. Steven Wyer has served in the capacity of Expert Witness on behalf of plaintiffs slandered online. provides research, analysis and perspective for cases at trial in both state and federal courts.

Steven Wyer serves as a Director for Middle Tennessee Better Business Bureau (BBB) and also volunteers as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for Davidson County in Nashville, Tennessee. Speaking in civic, trade and educational forums, Wyer successfully blends education, perspective and insight for clients and those truly concerned about practices relating to online content, pagerank and online influence.

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