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Having detailed and up to date market research is important to both individuals and corporations when deciding to make a purchase on any scale. is a privately owned company that provides business information reports across a wide variety of industries. They gather market research reports and business related books on one website, enabling its users to easily compare research from many different publishers. Though physically located in the UK, they are internationally focused and sell worldwide. Launched in 2007, has become the largest re-seller of market research reports and books within the UK.


Why Use Report Buyer?
  • Huge selection of reports from hundreds of market publishers
  • Continuously updated content
  • Great search engine
  • Product-use matrix
  • Multi-language customer service
  • Immediate access
  • Secure
  • Personalised
  • Pay no more than publisher prices
  • Free reports

The company began in 2004 under the name Piribo, a re-seller of biotech and pharmaceutical industry market research. After having success with this specific industry, the company decided to widen their focus to include many other business industries.


Piribo was founded by Edwin Bailey (Managing Director) and Nick Catt (Web Director). Edwin Bailey has a degree from University College of London, and has over ten years experience in the business information industry. He has worked for leading companies such as SMi Group Ltd, Financial Times Business and Informa Plc. Edwin is also the founder of the specialist pharmaceutical business publisher, Urch Publishing Limited, and the author of many successful market reports.

Nick Catt graduated with a Business degree in 1990, and now has over 12 years experience in the IT Sector. He started out as a Business Analyst, and then an E-commerce Development Manager for BP Oil. Nick is also a founding member of Redwire Design Limited, a creative web design and internet development company.

What Makes Different is unique in that it has a very sophisticated search engine. Consumers can search using a wide, general search, or they can narrow their results by specifying certain result criteria. Also, the results show a percentage of how relevant the result is to the search criteria. Before purchasing a report or book, customers are able to review a detailed summary of the content. The customer can then purchase the item as either a PDF file, in print, or on a CD-ROM.
They are also different in the fact that the website has a detailed cross-industry calendar of worldwide events and a community blog. Being a global company, the website is available in 10 different languages.
One challenge this company had to overcome was in maintaining the ability of the website to house a growing number of reports, and still keep the search fast and effective. With reports on over 35,000 worldwide businesses, and a total of 85,000 reports from nearly 250 publishers, this was a difficult, but successful task.

Report Buyer Customers

A majority of’s customers are business owners who are looking to gain information on their own business, and other competing businesses. These include people in industries such as Automotive, Banking and Finance, Business Services and Management, Computing and Electronics, Consumer Goods and Retail, Energy and Utilities, Food and Drink, Industry and Manufacturing, Leisure and Media, Telecoms, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare, and Travel and Transport.

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