Earl, James and Carl Taylor developed the Ophthalmograph


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Taylor Associates/Communications, Inc. (Taylor) is founded on decades of pioneering development in the field of reading technology. Taylor is dedicated to helping students of all ages develop and improve the processes that are the foundation of reading efficiency and thorough comprehension.

In 1931, Earl, James and Carl Taylor developed the Ophthalmograph and the Metronoscope, two of the first instruments to be used in reading instruction in the United States.

A generation after the development of these early reading instruments, Stanford E. Taylor founded Educational Developmental Laboratories, Inc. (later EDL/McGraw-Hill). Subsequently he invented the Reading Eye I Camera and conducted the only large scale eye-movement recording norm study. Thirty-nine colleges and universities participated. While at EDL, Mr. Taylor designed the Look, Listen, Learn system of beginning instruction for children and the Learning 100 system of adult basic education. Both of these systems employed a variety of instructional devices also invented by Mr. Taylor, including the Aud-X, the Controlled Reader and the Tach-X Tachistoscope.

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