is a devise to lower blood pressure naturally by breathing


Lower Blood Pressure With No Side Effects - RESPeRATE


Dr. Benjamin Gavish is the inventor of InterCure's technologies. He co-founded the company in 1994, and is responsible for the company's research and development, patenting, regulatory applications, and the enrollment of the company's world-class Scientific Advisory Board.

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InterCure is a medical device company pioneering the application of therapeutic breathing technology to cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases. InterCure's "interactive device-guided breathing" technology capitalizes on the body of scientific patented evidence that certain "respiratory exercises" can lower blood pressure. Following six successful clinical trials, RESPeRATE, InterCure's first product, has become the only non-drug medical device indicated for the adjunctive treatment of hypertension.

With its outstanding management team, Board of Directors and Scientific Advisory Board, InterCure is poised to become the market leader in patient-focused medical devices that provide non-drug, no-side-effects treatment for some of the world's most prevalent and costly chronic conditions.

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