Protek-dor: security products for the road haulage industry.


Protek-dor® - Company Profile

Established in 2001, Protek-dor® is the country’s leading expert for in-cab commercial vehicle security. At the forefront of haulier safety, Protek-dor’s growing range of potentially life-saving products is helping to maintain the safety of drivers both in the UK and abroad.

for HGV cabs vans and motor homes. The product portfolio, which is now available from branches of Pullman Fleet Services as well as a growing number of European distributors, combats the increasing threat of attacks on drivers and encompasses all areas of cab safety and security. Indeed, the installation of one of the Protek-dor® products may lead to reduced insurance premiums.

As an innovator in its field, the company has become the haulier’s champion, taking a highly ethical stance on a range of contentious issues. The company has been utilising its growing success to promote awareness of the problem of violent attacks on drivers, both in the industry and further afield.

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