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Professional Kennel Club, Inc. is the nation's largest organization devoted to the registration of coonhounds and to the sport of competitive raccoon hunting. With headquarters in Evansville, Indiana, PKC licenses more than 8000 night hunts for coonhounds annually, in addition to hunting competitions for squirrel dogs and beagles. Additionally, PKC provides a conformation show format for PKC registered dogs and cosponsors an annual PKC/Purina National Bench Show Tour for coonhounds and curs.

PKC differs from other coon hunting-related registries in that monetary awards are earned by the winners of its competitions. Degrees are earned in accordance with dollars earned. PKC sponsors annually a World Championship, a National Championship, a Futurity Championship, and a two-division Super Stakes Championship for coonhounds. Additionally, there is a National Championship and a World Championship for squirrel dogs. Firearms are not permitted, nor is any game taken in any PKC event. Dogs are evaluated according to prescribed sets of rules for each event. The participants themselves formulate rules for PKC events. PKC and the National Association participate in biannual national meetings for this purpose.

Membership in the PKC National Association provides the opportunity for coon, squirrel and rabbit hunters, as well as bench show enthusiasts, to participate in PKC licensed events. Membership also includes a twelve-month subscription to PROHOUND magazine, the official publication of PKC. Additionally, members are accepted into the PKC State Association for the state in which they live, and the PKC Breeder's Association of the member's choice. All this is provided for the annual $20 membership fee.

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