DandyNet - Internet Service Provider offering High Speed Internet Service - DSL, Always Connected with Static IP Address.


Dandy Connections, Inc. is a mid-size nationwide Internet Service Provider. For the past 12 years, DandyNet has remained on the cutting edge of technology trends by expanding and maintaining our premier communication services. Our mission is to deliver the most affordable, reliable, highest speed Internet Service and specifically accommodate the Internet needs of our customers. Based out of Atlantic City, New Jersey, DandyNet provides a wide variety of user-friendly residential and commercial services.

Our family-friendly home Internet access is available at the lightning-fast speed of DSL or using the new V.92 dialup standard. All of our residential packages protect our customers by featuring Spam and Virus Filtering, as well as Content Filtering so children can safely surf the Internet without being exposed to pornography.

DandyNet's teams of graphics/web designers, copywriters, network and security engineers, programmers, and marketing specialists are dedicated to exceptional service. We evaluate our clients' needs and offer solutions to make their enterprise the most successful through our specialized Network Services and Connectivity Solutions. DandyNet's Website Design Team creates professional websites that are visually appealing and functional, and a place to which visitors will return. Click here for a complete listing of DandyNet's services.

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Atlantic City NJ
United States 08401


Min Hwang
Slidell LA
United States 08401

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