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Jeeps. I Love Jeeps, almost as much as I love my wife,,,my kids,,,Molly my cat,,,but then there's the Jeep. Selling Postal Jeeps is my (second) mission in life. I'm even considering getting a Jeep logo tatoed on my arm, just like them there Harley-Davidson guys do. I could go on about selling Postal Jeeps, but you are probably more interested in what we do to the Jeep. You wouldn't believe what we do to a brand new Jeep before you see the finished product. We virtually dis-assemble the Jeep from the front seats forward. We then re-assemble the Jeep, using all original equippment right hand drive Jeep parts. I'm making it sound a lot easier than it is, but simply put, that is what we do. After completion, our service manager and lead technition put between 80 and 120 miles on your new Jeep testing it. Every option and mechanism is tested a number of times to insure you receive a quality trouble free product at delivery. We know you buy these for one reason and that is to use every day on the route. It is our mission to deliver you a Jeep that won't let you down.
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937 Galena Square Dr
Galena IL 61036 US

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