Portland Bar Camp

Ok this is not a beer festival but we are paving the way for beer drinkers world wide to connect and drink beer :)

Bar Camp Portland

Neutral Space Oliver Ortiz 503.803.6910

Notes Notes Submitted by dietrich on Sat, 05/03/2008 - 17:42.

kerry and ollie from neutral space intro wiki: http://portlandbeerwiki.org blog: http://portlandbeerwiki.blogspot.com beer wiki talk on tuesdays @ green dragon around the room twitter: pdxbeerwiki

- how to get beer-related feeds integrated into the wiki? - event feed? manual entry is painful aboutus looking at calendaring

- related twitters: bailey's tap room on twitter baileystaproom oregonbrewersguild

- how to get content from existing articles etiquette: link back ask vendors/brewers (but they're loathe to even keep a menu updated) get the customers to do it: table foldovers, etc

- discoverability the website, "google juice" link trade w/ blogs for google love

- page idea: transitional/gateway beers large scale attempts by the biggies, eg blue moon

- page idea: how to make cheap beers taste good

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