PollockPrints.org covers Jackson Pollock paintings

Pollockprints.org gives a fan's view of the paintings of artist Jackson Pollock and tries to illustrate his qualities as a creative innovator. The best known painting from his career was certainly Convergence though his approach was consistent throughout thanks to an unusual style which was unique and expressive in equal measure.

Jackson Pollock used aggressive strikes of paint to produce elaborate art works and this is deserving of a special website dedicated to his work, which Pollockprints.org has become. The site itself will continue to grow over time as we increase the amount of content available as well as also expanding upon the existing gallery of Pollock paintings.

Further paintings beyond Convergence which are well worth checking out at PollockPrints.org include the likes of Cathedral, Enchanted Forest, Lucifer, Number 5 Number 8, Composition (White, Black, Blue and Red on White), Summertime: Number 9A, Number 1 and Number 3.

American art has dominated throughout the 20th century and the likes of Jackson Pollock and similarly innovative artists were responsible for that. Other notable painters from the US include Mark Rothko who also was highly abstract and colourful, and also remains well respected by academics.

There will be further features added to PollockPrints.org in coming months, as well as full translation into several other languages to try to take advantage of the international appeal which this artist now enjoys thanks to the accessibility of his work, as with most contemporary art.

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