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Formed in 1998, Dynamic Network Services, Inc. (DynDNS) provides superior domain name system (DNS) services with the highest levels of redundancy, service, and support in the industry. Our world-class team of DNS experts allows us to provide unprecedented quality of service and support, and our use of proven open source technology reduces cost and risk to our users. The result? Superior DNS service and value.

Keeping Connected with DNS

DNS was created to make the Internet easier to use. Before DNS, computers connected to the Internet were only reachable by their computer address, called an IP address, written like Internet pioneers created a system called DNS which allowed hostnames like "www.website.com" and "mail.mycompany.com" to be used in place of the numbers. This translation occurs automatically.

DynDNS started with a free Dynamic DNS because some Internet users have IP addresses that change. We created a method that allows users to update the IP address associated with a hostname that we provide, enabling users to serve content or keep connected to their computer.




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