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Travel Advantage Network - TAN offers affordable condoms for vacation throughout the US.'s huge network of condos allows them to serve over 90,000 families and individuals in various states of the US. By offering clean, comfortable and affordable accommodations, allows their clients to vacation more often than ever before. According to, their goal is to "turn vacations into lifestyles." High quality vacation resorts and great customer service has allowed to have hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers since the company's establishment in 1992. - Book a condo anywhere in the US

With, it's easy to book a condo that best suits your needs. Just visit the website on the main page, enter the start date and duration of your vacation and see what has to offer to you. You can narrow down your research by regions or resort type. You can also search by various attractions, such as skiing, casinos, golf etc. Once you've selected a condo, you can simply log in and book it or you can visit this page for more information on how to book a condo online.

Additional Resources offered by also offers a range of useful resources to their clients for improving their vacation experience even further. If you're not sure about where to go for your vacation, let give you some ideas about it. This section contains not only the recommendations from but also information about the special events happening in various parts of the country that you might find attractive. You can also get in touch with one of's experienced Vacation Fulfillment Coordinators who will work closely with you to fine tune your vacations.


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pointe resort condominiums Phoenix Az

condo was nice enough but, it was a 2 bedroom that sleeps 6. We had 6 and the sleeper sofa was ROTTEN!!!

The mattress -even when put on the floor--had springs popping out. It was not sleepable. Very sad for extra people. Not happy with this. Also there were no blankets or pillows for the "extra bed".

  • posted by Anonymous on Jan 15, 2007, 11:56 pm

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