Pietro Pagliardini

Pietro Pagliardini

Senior partner, Pagliardini, Rupi, Andreoni & Gazzabin architecture studio www.rupipagliardini.f2n.it

Pietro Pagliardini is an architect and urbanist born in Arezzo, Italy. He has directed his professional practice towards designing social housing, completing the design of over 1000 dwellings and over 50 industrial buildings. He has participated in the preliminary phases of seventeen different Integrated Plans for mixed-use social and private housing throughout Italy, and in the town planning of three of those neighborhoods. For the project in Arezzo he was also responsible for the architectural design.

In an important architectural competition for the reconstruction of the historic city center of Arezzo, Italy, he collaborated with world-famous New Urbanists Léon Krier and Peter Calthorpe, and his project was mentioned in the competition. Again with Léon Krier as consultant and Peter Calthorpe as supervisor working for the Arezzo Town Council, Pagliardini created the urban plan for social and private housing for the rural village of Vignale, studying and applying local building typologies.

Pagliardini has spearheaded the movement to rediscover traditional Italian urbanism, coordinating various groups already working in that direction previously working in isolation. His website De Architectura has drawn attention to New Urbanist ideas, new to many Italian readers who were unaware of any alternative to modernist top-down planning. He has been influential in alerting the government to these possibilities, appearing on public discussions with important politicians such as Vittorio Sgarbi, and arguing for the value of preserving historic built heritage.

He has worked with Sergio Porta and Nikos Salingaros in proposing human-scaled solutions to the problems of the European urban periphery, and creating intelligent guidelines for new buildings in historic centers.


Website De Architectura promoting the rediscovery of traditional architecture and urbanism in Italy: http://regola.blogspot.com

Recent book chapter: “Geospatial analysis and living urban geometry”, with Sergio Porta & Nikos Salingaros, to appear in: Bin Jiang and Xiaobai Angela Yao, Editors, Geospatial Analysis and Modeling of Urban Environments: Structure and Dynamics, Springer, New York, 2009. http://zeta.math.utsa.edu/~yxk833/geospatial.pdf some extracts posted on the P2P Foundation Wiki: http://p2pfoundation.net/Geospatial_Analysis_and_Living_Urban_Geometry

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