Example of a parked page

What is a parked page?

A parked page (also known as a parking lot or link farm) is a page located at a domain name that has been registered but isn't currently being used to host a website or other services, such as email.

Parked pages often have little content other than advertising links, like the examples shown on this page.

Sometimes a domain name registrar will put up a parked page, to make a registry some money until a website is developed at that domain. Sometimes a domain name owner allows a name to expire, and it's nabbed by someone else and used as a parked page.

A "typo squat" is a specific type of parked page. The domain name of a typo squat represents a common mistyping of a popular website, and the ads on that type of parked page are intended to appeal to the same people who were looking for the popular website. One example:

*Domain names are really leased, not bought. See our weblog post on the subject.

Another example of a parked page

How to mark parked pages on

Marking a parked domain on helps people who are trying to figure out what happened to a website that used to exist, but no longer does at its old address.

To note that a website is parked, click the small green flag at the top of the page. This will change the summary to "is a parked page."

Not a parked page?

If a website is wrongly noted as a parked page on please click the small green flag at the top of the page to remove the "parked" language from the summary. Please add a summary that properly describes the website. If you have any difficulty, email us and we can do it for you.

Sometimes known as a Link Farm or Parking Lot

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