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Pace - Digital TV: Satellite, Cable, IPTV and Terrestrial television from Pace plc


About Pace plc

Pace plc, a leader in digital television technology, was founded in 1982. The Company’s primary focus is the development of innovative set-top boxes and over 24 million have now been installed in homes worldwide.

Pace launched its first analogue satellite receiver in 1987 and went on to develop the world’s first digital DVB MPEG-2 set-top boxes for satellite, cable and terrestrial broadband TV platforms. Engineers at Pace’s sites in the UK, US and France are renowned for their market leading developments in set-top box technology. This has enabled the Company to create digital products for over 30 operator customers worldwide, including the UK and USA, the world’s most advanced digital markets.

In the UK for example, Pace was the only supplier to provide digital satellite set-top boxes for the launch of the Sky digital, Telewest and NTL services. In the US Pace has established a client base that includes Comcast and Time Warner Cable, the two largest cable companies in the world.

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