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theOracleResourceStop Script Archive (ORS) was conceived of as a result of an unrecoverable database and media crash experienced by Wendy L. DarJean and other database administrator during the early morning hours one November night in 1996. It was born out of the frustration and the lack of available information on the Internet about and in support of Oracle Database Administration and Development.

In 1997 when the site began, there were only a handful of sites dedicated to this cause, many pushed third-party tools that would "magically" make your database administration problems disappear and for a very hefty fee of course... But no site provided information on how, when and why to perform maintenance on your Oracle database and at that time, no other site offered the scripts free of charge, to assist in this management.

theOracleResourceStop was created and is maintained as a free source for information share amongst the Oracle DBA Community at large. The main idea of theOracleResourceStop is to create a discovery machine--a place where people can go to find and share information about Oracle and Oracle-related topics.

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