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Danil acted the patient at a doctor, looking at me with growing astonishment and stripping hesitatingly. It was his first time, so I was understanding and kind to him, but after all Danil had to perform some actions to show the talent that is needed to take a role in the film. I guess Danil has something to show us all… caprices. Well done!

Ted was a horny guy in urgent need of money. Despite of the age, he had an impressive experience and felt absolutely free in front of a cam. Blowjob, masturbation, anal sex weren't a novelty for him but nevertheless he enjoyed every minute of sex. Just an amazing guy!

Some guys, who come on the casting, frankly confess that they had no experience in gay sex. It's not a problem for me at all, I'm glad to teach newbies. That time I taught Semen, the guy with a big potential as I see by his gung-ho behavior and openness. Besides that, he took my cock up the ass with no screams and tears, it's an undoubted advantage.




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