is a design and marketing company in Switzerland


nothing – interactive media from outer space – more than webdesign – outstanding digital communication services


why nothing?

nothing’s strength lies in its unusual fusion of artistic skills and technological know-how. nothing produces design that distinguishes itself with extraterrestrial lightness, but is nonetheless carried out with down-to-earth solidity. although nothing sets out with unrestrained creativity, disregarding all rules, the works are concluded with pedantic precision.

nothing quality

out here in space, a loose bolt can lead to immediate catastrophe. that’s why we have developed a keen sense of order and thoroughness. we make sure that our screws and pixels are in the right place – always. the trust that our customers put in nothing honours us, and we want to keep it that way.

nothing takes all the things you would expect from an intergalactic communication agency with 'no' in its name and adds a dynamic, creative energy that is constantly improving things for customers, employees and aliens on planet grump. we act rapidly, with dedication and discrimination. always challenging and questioning, rarely satisfied. our brand is one of our most important assets. it sets us apart from our competitors, it builds loyalty and attracts new customers. in doing so, the nothing brand creates a solid foundation for our multi-faceted services, engenders an emotional connection with our customers, and constitutes an identity that talented people want to be part of. it is a driving force behind our success.





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