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on the history of this website was launched as the website of the noborder network in 2000. the site was used to publish information about the activities and campaigns of the noborder network and to bundle information on migration related events, developments and actions in europe. the noborder network has been inactive since 2004. other networks and movements have picked up the activities of the network but the noborder network as such does not exist anymore. therefor this website cannot claim to be the website of the noborder network anymore. it continues to be maintained as a repository of information on migration related events, developments and actions in europe and beyond, but it should not be read as speaking for a particular group or network anymore.

on this page we document the two earlier self-presentations of the noborder network from 2003 and 2000. at the bottom of the page we are also documenting the self presentations of a number of member groups of the noborder network (these have not been change since late 2003).

presentation of the no border network (last changed may 2004)

The no border network is a tool for all groups and grass root organizations who work on the questions of migrants and asylum seekers in order to struggle alongside with them for freedom of movement, for the freedom for all to stay in the place which they have chosen, against repression and and the many controls which multiply the borders everywhere in all countries. This network is different from lobbying groups and NGOs because it is based on groups of grass root activists and intends to stay so.

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