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Sometimes a website you are trying to access can happen to be blocked by your internet provider. There could be technical issues in your region preventing you from being able to browse a website. Consider a proxy site that lets your browse other websites through anonymity. A Free Anonymous Web Based Proxy Service

Websites regularly track IP addresses, visitor logs, browser type and operating systems, and other information about the people who use their sites. Most do so in a responsible manner, but who has time to read the privacy policy of every website they visit? It is possible to preserve anonymity and also protect against malware and viruses: by using a proxy server. A proxy server is essentially a third party which is placed between a user’s computer and the websites that they visit. All traffic is routed through that proxy. Ninja Cloak ( uses this technique to help protect users' privacy online.

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The server filters out all traces of an IP address, and incoming malicious code can be blocked. Although no server is completely foolproof, using an anonymous proxy server can reduce the chances of being infected.

There is no software to install with Ninja Cloak. Using it is simple: simply type in the URL of the site you wish to visit on Ninja Cloak home page. Scripts and referrers can also be blocked or unblocked if required. Because there is nothing to install on a computer, this service is also valuable if you are accessing the web from a public computer and do not wish to leave a record of where you have been.

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With Ninja Cloak users can browse web sites from behind firewalls with blocked ports. This can be useful if there are sites you need to legitimately visit from a work environment, but which the company has blocked or banned for various security or efficiency reasons. That said, Ninja Cloak cooperates with law enforcement if it is shown that their proxy server has been used to attempt to mask illegal activity. See the Terms of Service page at for more information.



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