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Northern Ireland Environment Link (NIEL) is the forum and networking body for organisations interested in the environment of Northern Ireland. It assists members to develop views on issues affecting the environment and to influence policy and practice impacting on the natural and built environment of Northern Ireland.

NIEL arose in the late 1980s from a discussion group of environmental NGOs who saw the need for a more formal co-ordination and networking mechanism. It was formally launched in 1990 to complete the network of four 'Country Links' in the UK: Scottish Environment Link, Wales Environment Link and Wildlife and Countryside Link.

NIEL is managed by an Executive Committee , elected annually at the AGM, and consisting of Officers plus representatives of Full Members. The Committee meets four to six times per year to discuss operational matters and plan members' activities and publications. A number of sub-committees (Strategic Planning, Information and Membership, Human Resources, Finance and Funding) meet to carry forward specific work in their relevant management areas. These sub-committees report directly to the Executive Committee.

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