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Please edit this section to add Resources for the Network Weavers Network.

Resources which will be ready when we launch in Spring 2007:

  • Regional "meetups" of Network Weavers
  • Emerging regional/local affiliates in the Bay Area, Chicago, Denver, Northeast Nevada, Northeast Ohio, and Seattle. Additional areas coming as soon as you organize them! A list of regional networkers will be provided shortly. Please let us know if you're interested in doing regional organizing in the US, or in another country.

Over time, we will be adding new resources and growing affiliated organizations. Please contribute your suggestions and resources! Our members are already working on the following:

  • A Network Weavers Matchmaker to help network weavers meet one another based on similar answers to questions.
  • A Network Weavers Guild trade association that may offer a reputation system, health insurance, a training program, mentoring, certification, and otherwise support Network Weavers and the evolution of the field and profession of Network Weaving.

Resources of the Network Weavers Network itself are free, and available to all self-identified Network Weavers. Our intention is that they will always be free. The Network Weavers Guild, however, will be a trade association, and will have a membership fee.

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