Pipex, Harbour Exchange managed dedicated server hosting and web server colocation


Harbour Exchange, London Hosting

Harbour Exchange is connected to Pipex' private IP broadband network stretching from North America to central Europe. Delivering performance, reliability and security, the network is engineered for low latency, low packet-loss and high availability and throughput.

Pipex has over 200 private and public peering arrangements with Internet backbone providers meaning that data transfer to and from end destinations is quick with minimal loss. As traffic is routed around congested public peering points, your web presence is guaranteed a connection with optimum throughput.

Harbour Exchange is built to ensure resilience through the use of Uninterruptible Power Supplies backed up by diesel generators with on and off-site fuel reserves. Climate control systems continuously monitor and adjust temperature and humidity levels within the data centre to ensure the most suitable environmental conditions are maintained for server stability. Gas-based fire suppression equipment and 24-hour-manned support and security provide the best physical environment for hosting.

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