Hotel Narutis is located on Pilies street 24, the main artery of Vilnius Old Town. This building is the architectural monument of 16th century that was specially built to house a hotel and was first mentioned in 1581 in the Book of World Cities published in Cologne.

In the 16th-19th century professors, scholars and students (whose families belonged to the nobility) of the University of Vilnius, one of the oldest universities in Eastern Europe, as well as famous people of science and culture lived in the Hotel. Poets Adam Miczkiewicz and Juliusz Slowacki, writer and historian Kraszewski have lived and worked in this building.

Windows of the Hotel face the square of St. John's Church of the University, which is the most beautiful square of the Old Town. Other windows have a view over a quiet courtyard of the former Botanical Gardens of the University. From the Hotel windows you can see a beautiful panorama of church and mansion towers, the Gediminas Castle and the Hill of Three Crosses.

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