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Muslimbase is an e-commerce enterprise based in London, England. began as a bookstore in West London; however it soon added its product lines, Hijabs, Abayas, Jilbabs, Hijab Pins, Islamic toys and Islamic Gifts. Muslimbase ships globally on all its products.


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Muslimbase can be described as an online shopping site selling a variety of Islamic products and specialising in Hijabs, Hijab pins and Islamic books. also stocks Islamic frames, Islamic clothing for men, Islamic lectures, nasheeds and documentaries in audio and video format. The range of Islamic gifts is also exceptional in variety and design. There is an Islamic gift for every occasion. Islmaic clothing for women is also available. In the Islamic clothing store Muslimbase stocks abayas, jilbabs, burqas, arm coverings, gloves, niqabs, veils and more.Musimbase also carries Islamic products for children. Muslimbase delivers worldwide via the warehouse in London. London ic a central place to be able to deliver efficiently around the world.


Muslimbase started in November 2003 as a small Islamic bookshop in West London. We soon began to realise how many people required Islamic products but were quite a distance away from our Islamic store. We started receiving a large number of calls where people were asking us to deliver the goods to their doorstep. Soon we also started receiving calls from abroad for our popular Islamic products. We then looked into the internet market place to realise that there was a need for a retailer who sold quality Islamic products at reasonable prices. Our retails store by then had expanded and had a large variety of Islamic goods which we directly imported from manufacturers and distributors around the globe. We finally took the step of starting up our online Islamic shop under the name of

Website has divided its categories into little shops within its website. We refer to categories as shops as they are a part of a larger more general online Islamic store and are easier to differentiate and explain shop by shop.

Muslimbase Hijab Shop - Our Hijab shop is the most popular part of our website. The variety of hijabs on our website is a never ending one. We continuously stock new designs, styles and colours. Some of our hiab styles are Kuwaiti hijabs, Egyptian hijabs, pashmina hijabs, long hijabs, square hijabs, bonnet caps and more. The Muslimbase hijab shop also stocks Hijab pins of great variety as well as brooches and abaya pins.

Muslimbase Islamic book store - Our Islamic bookstore provides Islamic books in over 12 categories from books on the life of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to childrens Islamic books and womens Islamic books. There are over 1000 books in stock at most times.

Muslimbase Islamic clothing Store - Our Islamic clothing store contains clotihng for men, women and children. In the mens Islamic clothing section we stock thawbs, arabian head rings, leather socks (kufs) and kufi caps. In the womens Islamic clothing section we stock hijabs, abayas, jilbabs, jalabiyas, jalabibs, burqas, niqabs, veils, arm coverings and loads more. For children we have dresses for boys and girls from 8 year olds onwards as well as hijabs and caps.

Muslimbase Islamic gift shop - The Islamic gift variety is very large and varies from customised Islamic gifts to gifts for the home as well as decoration items and Islamic frames.

Muslimbase Islamic essentials - Islamic essentials are a part of nearly every muslims life. Islamic essentials include prayer mats, bead counters, auto counters, black seed products, incense sticks, alcohol free perfumes and so on.

Muslimbase Islamic Digital store - Digital Qurans, Electronic tasbeehs and other Islamic gadgets are avaiable at muslimbase.

There are hundreds of other Islamic products avaiable at muslimbase and are neing continuously uploaded.

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Vision Statement: Our vision is to be the worlds most customer centric company; to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything Islamic they might want to buy online.


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