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Marathon USA is a "C" corporation headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Marathon began marketing the Global Crossing long distance service wholesale program in 1995. We are a proud member of the Better Business Bureau, Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, and the Telecommunications Resellers Association.

Marathon USA is tariffed with the Federal Communications Commission for interstate and international traffic, nationwide. In addition we are registered and tariffed in over 40 of the 50 states with their Public Service Commissions.

Marathon USA services two market segments: the pro-gun / pro-hunting community and the general population of small businesses nationwide. The first segment constitutes about 90% of our current customer base and is very stable. This is a dynamic, fast growing market. The second segment includes, but is not limited to, businesses which consume less than $5,000 monthly in long distance service. Our corporate objectives will be accomplished simultaneously in both market segments.




8014 Cumming Hwy, Ste 403-358
Canton GA 30115 US


Wahlbom, Philip
+1 770 841 4119, Fax: +1 571 434 4620

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