MoldFixer is the leading website on Mold, water damage, flood restoration, fire restoration, and asbestos removal in San Diego. As a locally owned and operated company, moldfixer is poised to become a big authority for many contractor restoration companies. Moldfixer is dedicated to providing quality information and quality mold, water, flood, and fire damage restoration services.

The websites begins with many information rich articles about various categories of restoration. The site also contains information on how to hire a good contractor, and how to check if all proper licensing is in order. Users will also find information on what to do if they think they have mold, water damage, or flooding in their home.

The website also provides additional information on water extraction equipment, and restoration processes for curious individuals. It will also explain the different mechanics behind a repair and restoration process.

On the moldfixer website you can find a local news section where Moldfixer will curate news material relevant to the restoration industry. Here you can find the latest happenings and any new dangers to know about. Currently mold fixer specializes in providing services for San Diego in Water damage, Mold Removal, Flood Damage, Asbestos Removal, and Fire Restoration. We service all areas of San Diego county and surrounding communities. We have plans of moving into more southern California cities come 2015.

Moldfixer is your number one website for information on water damage restoration, mold remediation, fire restoration, and asbestos removal. If you can any questions you can always call the moldfixer hotline and talk to a trained service representative who will be more than happy to help you answer any questions. Also please view the different categories of water damage here, contains great useful information on water damage.


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