About offers mobile app developers web services such as:

  1. Customer registration functions
  2. In app purchase functions and services
  3. Subscription management services
  4. Single merchant account (Moki Subscription Services)
  5. Easy to use API for incorporating subscribed content into an app
  6. Queueing service for Push Notifications
  7. Storage for all types of data (probably paid by app consumer - revenue share with developer)
  8. Checklist service
  9. Task Management service with API, Web Interface and Sync services
  10. Create Social connections with customer base
  11. App listing service
  12. Support forum
  13. Additional Services offered to the developers
  14. Help with the creation of custom websites
  15. App marketing services - what should you be doing
  16. Social
  17. Connect with facebook page for each app
  18. SEO
  19. Linkshare
  20. Outsourced technical support for your apps (email based support)

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