is a site to find valuable model trains for sale or auction.


Model Trains Yard


Great site with a wide and vast collection of model trains for sale and auction. You can find almost any train, part or model railroad component with the very handy search tool, just be sure to enter very simple and general terms for best results. While primarily featuring Lionel trains, the site has recently expanded to also showcase MTH trains, Athearn trains and Marklin Trains.

Excerpted from the website:

Model Railroading is a fascinating hobby in that it combines so many differing skills and disciplines. Ultimately it all comes down to the pleasure of seeing a miniature world that you created come to life and motion. It's a bit of an escape as well. For your ever expanding collection, provides a handy search tool that allows you to enter a catalog number or model number and pull up any relevant items that you might want.
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