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Milwaukee PC provides high quality, low cost internet service. In order to provide the best services possible we use only name brand equipment. Our V.92 modems, 3COM / USR, support data compression which allows non-compressed data to reach your computer at a substantially faster rate than standard modems. V.92 modems also allow you to accept incoming calls while you are online (requires call waiting and a V.92 capable modem).

For almost three years Milwaukee PC has been providing South-Eastern Wisconsin with high-speed DSL Internet services. Building from our philosophy of providing inexpensive but high quality dial-up services we have the ability to offer the same for broadband solutions.

Established in southeastern Wisconsin in 1988, Milwaukee PC, Inc. (MPC) has over 150 employees, over 20 sales and service branches. About 40% of MPC's sales volume comes from system sales. The other 60% comes from service, software, parts, and networks. About 60% of MPC's business comes from home users, and the other 40% comes from businesses and schools. The great strength of MPC lies in the convenience of our many strategically placed locations throughout Wisconsin. MPC has a sales and service branch within close proximity to nearly all of our regional customers. The numerous locations also allow our customers to see what they are getting before they buy it, and talk face-to-face with people that can recommend the right product.

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Milwaukee PC
Milwaukee WI
United States 53213

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