is an online store selling Mezuzahs and other Judaica products.

Mezuzah Store was the first ever online store to specialize in Mezuzahs. Here's some things you should know about us.

Who are we? was started in 2004 by Rabbi Aaron Shaffier. Rabbi Shaffier is a certified Torah scribe. In 2003 Rabbi Shaffier opened a unique store in Los Angeles called Mezuzah Gallery. It was (to our knowledge) the first store in the world to specialize in Mezuzahs. The goal was to offer the widest selection of decorative Mezuzah cases along with the highest standard of Kosher Mezuzah scrolls. Also to provide a convenient place for people to bring there Mezuzah scrolls and Tefillin to be checked and repaired. was started to bring this vision to the whole world via the internet. Since starting the website we have shipped tens of thousands of Mezuzahs to people all over the world!

In 2006 the Shaffier family made Aliyah to Israel. Israel Gabay, a certified Torah scribe who apprenticed under Rabbi Shaffier for two years, took over as the main scribe at our store. He supervises the quality of all of our Mezuzah scrolls and Tefillin. He also does Mezuzah and Tefillin checking and repair.

About our products

Mezuzah Cases

We have worked very hard to assemble a collection of Mezuzah cases which are beautiful as well as of the highest quality. Most of our Mezuzah cases are made in Israel by Jewish artists (look for the flag in the product listing). We are always adding new items to our catalog.

Mezuzah Scrolls

We believe very strongly in the importance of having Kosher Mezuzahs on every door of your home. This is why we put much effort into ensuring that every single Mezuzah scroll that we ship is 100% Kosher. First we make sure to purchase scrolls only from scribes in Israel who are well versed in the laws of writing Mezuzahs. We pick scribes who are able to consistently write high quality scrolls at a reasonable price. We then have every scroll checked by special computer software that ensures that there are no textual errors in the scrolls. Finally each and every scroll is checked letter by letter by a certified scribe at our store.

Customer Service

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction...period. We know that happy customers are the best customers. We want you to be so pleased with your experience that you order again and again from us and tell all your friends about us. We have many customers who have been coming back for years to purchase Mezuzahs as gifts for house warmings, weddings birthdays etc.

If for any reason you are not happy with an item that you have purchased from us, you can return it for a full refund. Just ship it back to us with a note saying why you are returning it and we will refund your card for the full purchase price.

Many websites make it very difficult for you to reach a real person when you have questions or need help with something. We pride ourself on old-style customer service. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have via email, but we are just as happy to speak to you on the phone to help you with any issues you may have or to take your order. That is why we post our phone number in large type at the top of every page.




1440 1/2 S. Robertson Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90035


Aaron Shaffier
+1 310 278 4428

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