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"Nominierung von Herrn Melhorn: Für seine Tatkraft und den Mut, gegen die etablierte Schulmedizin das Erbe von Kern, hinsichtlich Herzinfarkttherapie und Schlaganfalltherapie, ins Internet zu stellen und es beherzt, zum Wohle der vielen Herz- und Schlaganfallkranken, gegen Anfeindungen zu verteidigen."

"Nomination of Mr. Melhorn : For his initiative and his courage setting the legacy of the internist Kern - his reports and experience - into the internet, with regard to cardiac infarct therapy and apoplectic stroke therapy, contrary to the established conventional medicine, and defending it courageously against hostilities, for interest and good health of that many patients with cardiac infarct and with stroke."

Pressemitteilung der Right Livelihood Award Foundation zur Stiftung und den Kriterien einer Preisverleihung: "Founded in 1980, the Right Livelihood Awards are presented annually in the Swedish Parliament and are often referred to as "Alternative Nobel Prizes". They were introduced "to honour and support those offering practical and exemplary answers to the most urgent challenges facing us today". Jakob von Uexkull, a Swedish-German philatelic expert, sold his valuable postage stamps to provide the original endowment. Alfred Nobel wanted to honour those whose work "brought the greatest benefit to humanity". Von Uexkull felt that the Nobel Prizes today ignore rnuch work and knowledge vital for our world and future".

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