This is a seed for a domain-name, soon to appear here at

With this first fixed price offer (in

[]), I apply for membership in the Indian group. Millions of people (not only from India) know and practise the blessing mantra:
  "May all beings be happy"

So compressing the mantra into

makes a beautiful domain-name, not only for a philantropist (like Warren Buffet ;-) to get never-ending invocation, attraction and amplification for his or her actions.

  Price: 1500 US$

for the first happy person to take it, to make him/herself, myself and other people happy.



be(ing) happy to do something good for "making the world a better place".

PS.: Besides that, it makes a nice universally usable signature, that reminds the signature owner to rise awareness of what s/he doing and is at the same time a blessing for the readers.

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